At Hargreaves & Co., we offer comprehensive audits tailored to your business needs. Our team, comprising skilled accountants, proficient bookkeepers, and trusted auditors, ensures meticulous audits that empower your business growth. While we no longer hold ACCA registration, our extensive auditing experience spanning nearly three decades (as of 2021) guarantees insightful assessments for your enterprise.

Although many SMEs may not meet mandatory audit thresholds, certain entities such as solicitors' practices, charities, and companies opting for voluntary audits within the general trading category, can benefit significantly from our specialised auditing services.

Audits aren't just about compliance; they're vital for business sustainability and growth. By embracing auditing techniques, companies gain invaluable insights into their systems, operational environments, solvency, and areas ripe for improvement. Our process involves a comprehensive review, highlighting potential threats to continuity and areas for enhancement, driving strategic decision-making and operational efficiency.

An audited set of accounts means that your company has undergone an in depth review of its systems, its working environment, its strengths and weaknesses and its underlying solvency,  highlighting potential threats to the going concern and areas of potential improvement. It is a very useful process involving the whole company.

While this note serves as an informational resource for our existing client base, it underscores our commitment to providing holistic financial solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Whether you're seeking audit services, accounting expertise, or strategic financial advice, Hargreaves & Co. is your trusted partner for success.

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